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The GED Alternative

1) What is it?
This is an enhanced GED alternative for seniors who want to complete their high school education in a project-centered environment.

2) What is the basic philosophy?
This program is all about motivation. Students succeed when they want to learn; when they don't want to learn they fail. Motivation grows from successful learning experiences that develop understanding and confidence.

3) Who would benefit from this program?
Seniors who have lost their desire to learn. They have not dropped out; and they have not given up on the idea of college, but they simply don't see the point of trying anymore. School has lost its meaning for them.

4) Isn't the GED too easy?
It might be easy to pass but not to earn top scores. And we want our students to earn top scores. Students who earn these top scores can read well, write clearly and correctly. They understand basic math. They are familiar with the concepts and terminology of science and social studies. In a word, they will be prepared academically and temperamentally to begin college.

5) Will there be much actual preparation for college?
Many of the students will begin college at a community college. They will have an option to begin classes at these schools even before they graduate. We will still offer ACT preparation and counseling for students planning to attend other schools.

6) How will the program be enhanced?
Enhancement will come from activity. Students must have a job, perform community service, and complete a project. They will take classes in creative writing and Chicago History. They will attend twice weekly workshops. Some of these will be extremely general. Some will be highly specific

7) Costs?
The basic program is $700. For this the student receives

  • An individualized learning plan
  • 20 hours of direct instruction
  • ACT preparation
  • College counseling

    8) Who are the teachers?
    Bob Boone has prepared thousands of students for the GED. He has done this work at various schools and not-for-profit agencies in Chicago and at the Glencoe Study Center, which he founded in 1979. In 1991, he started Young Chicago Authors, to give young writers a chance to develop their talents. He has written textbooks, a memoir, and a baseball biography. In 2001 Chicago Magazine named him one of the Chicagoans of the Year.

    Janice Dreis is a lifelong teacher. Two years ago she retried from New Trier high School where she served as a counselor and a dean. She worked on many projects including Senior Project and SILC, which develop young leaders. She is the co-author of Rethinking the Senior Year.

    Two years ago Larry Rehage retired from New Trier High School, where he was an English teacher and a dean. He has a lifelong interest in alternative styles of learning. He developed and ran the Senior Project and SILC. He is the co-author of Rethinking the Senior Year.

    8) How do people join the program?
    Interested students should call 1-847-835-5430 or e-mail to arrange for an interview. This program is not for everyone.

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