Scheduling Help for Parents of Public School and Homeschool Children

Daily activities and routines should be an important factor in the lives of children. This included the need for a daily homework routine. It is true children can complete their given assignments in the car between piano and gymnastics lessons. But that being said, can they really grasp the concept of their assignments with the car radio on and the streetscape rolling by? Are there ways parents can help maximize homework time in order to promote healthy learning and lifestyles?

Maximize Limited Homework Time

Personally me, routine give me some kind of my homework help, because this approach for homework is in a calm manner. When children return home from school knowing what is expected of them on a regular basis, they are more likely to follow the routine without prompting from mom or dad. Homework should always be completed in a quiet place at a regular time.

Offer Constructive Criticism

After Positive Reinforcement:

Children thrive on positive feedback and reinforcement, so offering constructive criticism will aid in boosting self-confidence. In addition to boosting the confidence level of children, positive reinforcement can help them accept criticism in a much calmer and open manner.

Help With Prioritizing

Scheduling Help for Parents of Public School and Homeschool ChildrenHow to prioritize duties is a life lesson children should begin to learn at an early age. Helping children prioritize homework assignments and teaching them to create a schedule for projects is one of the key tools to creating a stress free homework routine. Through setting a schedule, parents and children can avoid a stressful, last minute rush the night before an assignment is due.

Offer Help With Difficult Assignments

Homework time should be scheduled when parents are available to help children with difficult assignments or projects. Parents who help children complete assignments (not to be confused with doing assignments for them) offer their children another form of positive reinforcement.

Review Assignments

Research indicates a direct link between parental involvement in education and the academic success of children. According to research by the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory there is a favorable link between a parent’s intensive involvement in a child’s academic undertakings and their academic success. The most beneficial involvement stems from parents who work directly with children on learning activities such as reading, supporting homework and tutoring within their homes.

Relaxation And Homework Routines

Scheduling homework at a time when children have the opportunity to play or relax afterwards can have a calming effect on them. If children understand the rule “homework first, then playtime” they learn through repetition that this pattern exists and they will be more willing to settle into a homework routine.

Not every family’s homework routine will be the same. There is a need to tailor it to a family’s particular needs, schedules and activities, however homework should be made a priority above all else. If children realize early on there is a set expectation it will eliminate short tempers and instead bring a sense of peace to after school rituals.